Origami Resources

The internet is a vast and wonderful space filled in no small part with origami diagrams and other resources, here are just a few that we’ve come across!

OrigamiUSA Is a US based Origami society. Membership gets you access to The Fold and The Paper two separate origami magazines. OrigamiUSA also operates a lending library for its members, which is a great opportunity for access to out of print books and materials. Each year they also sponsor conventions and workshops throughout the United States.

The Origami-Shop.com This website has some great free downloadable magazines and origami books. They also do sales of paper, books, pdf’s, etc.

The Origami Gallery is not a gallery of images, but one of diagrams. The database is a bit cumbersome to search, but there’s hundreds of free diagrams there. Ranging from simple to complex and you can search for diagrams based on difficulty!

The Origami Resource Center is another great collection of diagrams, free for your use.

We’ll add resources to this section over time, so please check back. If you have a resource that you want us to take a look at please let us know!

The Peabody Essex Museum has two series of origami videos. Each series contains seven tutorials. You can browse the the selection by looking at an image of the final product, a difficulty rating and the length of the video.

Go Origami is a site with lovely images and a half dozen or so well thought out  kusudama diagrams.

Origami Club has a nice collection of fairly easy models.

And remember, if you make something submit a picture!