Three hours of sweating yields success for my first try at modular origami!  (Cookiecutter design by Victoria Babinsky)

Origami army!

My origami ball :)

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213/365 - Origami Cat - Designed by Giang Dihn folded by Me  Fold time: 25mins
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Going through my origami book ‘Origami from Angler fish to Zen’ by Peter Engel
Here is a little whale, taken with my uninspiring phone camera.

This is one of the models that I learned at “DoJaKu”, a convention in my city about Japan and its culture, manga/anime, etc. The woman who taught the models is a member of a group called “Turmfalter” (tower folder). They meet in an old headframe near my city. She invited me to come over and become a “tower folder” too! :-) maybe i’ll go this month.
The model used to be a purse in former times, btw. You can open it up by pushing the sides in.
Das ist eins der Modelle, die ich auf der DoJaKu vor ein paar Tagen gefaltet habe. Es soll früher als Portemonnaie gedient haben.

A Butterfly for Alice Gray designed by Michael LaFosse folded by me

Icosahedron with Curves by Meenakshi Mukerji 30 pieces Blue, orange, yellow, pink, and patterned paper No writing; rough draft
This isn’t difficult to make or assemble and can maintain its shape, but I’d recommend some glue if it’s a gift as it is quite fragile.


A sky full of stars! This is it 😄🌌 – View on Path.

This kusudama is called “WXYZ“. The units are very easy to make and there are many variations, all named after the last letters in the alphabet.
I did the 12 points (equals 12 units) version here.

It took longer than I thought it would… But I finished it! Woohoo! #origami