Abundance Hen. 


Disco Chicken

I know which one I prefer…
Hi Tumblr! I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new here. Suffice it to say that both of us have been extraordinarily busy the last few months. With the current holiday of Thanksgiving in the US, I’ve come upon a couple of days off, so of course I had to fold the model whose diagram we posted in October.
So Tumblr, here’s a bat! Desgined by Andrea Matler. Folded by zeroisaplaceholder.
As always we accept and encourage your submissions!

Robert Lang: The math and magic of origami | Video on TED.com

A fantastic TED talk by Physicist and Origami Artist Robert Lang.


Origami Bat

Show us your bats! Have you made something neat lately? No? It’s time! Fold up this bat and send us your results!
Have you made something neat lately? Yes? Submit pictures!
Fox dreams origami mobile I made for a friend :)
Wren folded by me, design by Colin Weber
My attempt at an origami crow, click through for diagrams.
crane / my first attempt / nihiski
origami / my first attempts / nihiski

@bboybattlehou and his #origami #ironman created by #kylefu of #zenartspace

An Origami Five Intersecting Tetrahedra I made yesterday (:
Sorry about the pathetic color combination, they were the only papers I had! :/

Playing with #origami #rabbit #bunny cute 🐰🐰🐰😛

I saw the shirt and I wanted to do my own clothing.