Origami Unicorn - Designed by Jo Nakashima
This is my first attempt. I will try again with a bigger piece of paper. Some folds are a little out of place. XD

Sunday afternoons.

#Origami #camel #singlehumpcamel made by mo

My first origami bear c’:

Spent all day learning how to make an origami corgi. Literally. All day.

Someone told me I needed to find a way to deal with stress so I decided to try and get back into origami. Probably not the best option but it did result in this really pretty butterfly! #chchchanges #origami

Flower progression!!!! #origami #flowers #bouquet #productive #wedding #planning

Bring out the origami in you πŸ˜„ when I arrived back home today, my nephew Zaq requested for me to make him an origami cat. After dinner only did I made one for him but just with a plain A4 paper that was slightly torn and smudged with sauce…  I told Zaq that I would make him a dragon 🐲 with the colour of his choice… He chose orange where I told him red would be the suitable choice. Hahaha…and there you have it… His dragon in orange and my choice in red…and not to forget…little ziva’s orange cat 😸😻😽 That’s Origami for you then… #memorylane #origami #dragon #dragun #cat #bringouttheinnerchildinyou



Origami Bat

Show us your bats! Have you made something neat lately? No? It’s time! Fold up this bat and send us your results!
Have you made something neat lately? Yes? Submit pictures!

Will do this for sure.

Please do! We love seeing your creations!

Disco Sonobe (Variation II) designed by Natalia Romanenko
I didn’t have any blue paper left, so I decided to paint my own.